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About Me 

“…Prag Bhatia really connected with me. Maybe it was because I related in certain aspects … and the feelings (she was)  emoting but more so from the power of (her delivery). Stunning work.”


Mario Mohorko, reviewer of “Crossed”.,  on Friday, 10th Jun 2011

“Pragati approaches every opportunity, whether it be an audition or an offer of work, with enthusiasm and a high level of professionalism”


Janine Jordan Cowie, AGENT JJCM



“She displays great sensitivity in her work and is prepared to seek out a truthful reading of a scene.”


L.Martucci (Tutor, The Actor- National Institute of Dramatic Arts)

Pragati Bhatia is passionate about connecting with people through story-telling and taking them to a world that moves, educates and entertains. She is keen to collaborate on projects that are both thought provoking and inspire a change in people.  Her long-term vision is to make performance arts more accessible to segments of the community that are less privileged.


Pragati’s love of acting started from an early age. Growing up in the heart of Melbourne as a young Indian girl, watching Bollywood films and being

inspired by dramatic performances, rich music and dynamic dance routines,

Pragati endeavours to combine the best of both cultures to produce performances that are truthful, fun and push her boundaries.


Always keen to refine her craft, Pragati completed her ATCL in performance

with Trinity College London; “The Actor” training with Melbourne; Acting for

Film and TV with VCA and continues to attend workshops and training to

further develop her skills in dramatic arts, singing and dance.

Pragati Bhatia